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Courses Taught 

Intro Astrophysics

PHYS 320, McGill University

Fall 2019 (as PHYS 214), Fall 2020

This course covers a broad range of topics from stars and planets, to galaxies and the large-scale evolution of the Universe.

Sample Syllabus

Crab Nebula

Research Projects

PHYS 449/479, McGill University

Winter 2018

In this course, each student completes a scientific research project supervised by a faculty member.

Sample Syllabus

Purple Stars

Galaxies and Cosmology

PHYS 644, McGill University

Fall 2019

This course serves as an introduction to astrophysical phenomena on galactic scales and larger.

Sample Syllabus

Image by Shot by Cerqueira


PHYS 434, McGill University

Winter 2016, Winter 2017, & Winter 2018

This course offers an overview of fundamental concepts in optics, including applications and modern developments.

Sample Syllabus

Star Cluster


PHYS 521, McGill University

Fall 2016, Fall 2017, & Fall 2018

This is a broad survey course in galactic and extragalactic astrophysics. Limited to Physics Honours students and entering graduate students.

Sample Syllabus


High Energy Astrophysics

PHYS 645, McGill University

Winter 2017 & Winter 2019

This is a discussion-based course focusing on current research topics in High Energy Astrophysics.

Sample Syllabus

Star Formation

Past Courses

Astrophysics I:

Stars and Galaxies

ASTR 228, Amherst College

Spring 2015


Black Holes

ASTR 220, Amherst College

Spring 2015

Exploring the Cosmos

ASTR 111, Amherst College

Fall 2014

Pre-Major in

Astronomy Program 

ASTR 192, U. Washington

Fall 2005 & 2006

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