McGill Extreme Gravity & Accretion Group
Daryl Haggard

Principal Investigator

As head of M.E.G.A. I am proud to have a diverse group of enthusiastic astrophysicists working with me.


Email: daryl.haggard@mcgill.ca

Bailey Tetarenko

Postdoctoral Fellow (S22)

Bailey will join the team during the summer of 2022. She focuses on the study of the physical processes governing astrophysical accretion discs in compact binary systems in our Galaxy.

Email: btetaren@ttu.edu

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Soud Al Kharusi 

PhD Graduate Student

Soud joined the team in 2018. His focus is on multi-messenger astrophysics and “next” Enriched Xenon Observatory (nEXO).

Email: soud.alkharusi@mail.mcgill.ca

Anan Lu

PhD Graduate Student

Anan joined the team in 2020. She works on characterizing star formation in nearby galaxies with the SITELLE instrument on CFHT.

Email: anan.lu@mail.mcgill.ca

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Sam Gagnon-Hartman

MSc Graduate Student

Sam joined the team in 2021. He is located primarily at Bishop’s University and is co-supervised by John Ruan.

Email: sgagnon20@ubishops.ca

Kristen Dage

Postdoctoral Fellow

Kristen joined the team in 2020. She uses multi-wavelength observations to ID the brightest X-ray sources in star clusters.

Email: kcdage@msu.edu

Hope Boyce

PhD Graduate Student

Hope joined the team in 2016. Her focus is on supermassive black hole gas dynamics in Sgr A* and other nearby galaxies.

Email: hope.boyce@mail.mcgill.ca

Nicholas Vieira

PhD Graduate Student

Nick joined the team in 2020. He works to identify optical and infrared counterparts to GW sources.

Email: nicholas.vieira@mail.mcgill.ca 

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Nayyer Raza

PhD Graduate Student

Nayyer joined the team in Winter 2022. He will use machine learning and multi-messenger astrophysics to study compact object mergers.

Email: nayyer.raza@mail.mcgill.ca

Nicole Ford

MSc Graduate Student

Nicole joined the team in 2021. She is using multi-messenger astrophysics to study compact object mergers.

Email: nicole.ford@mail.mcgill.ca

Looking Through Telescope

M.E.G.A. Undergrads

Thomas Abbott (thesis)
Honours Math/Physics 

Emma Barbisan
Liberal Prog CS/Physics
Eitan Buffaz
Majors Physics/CS 

Maude Larivière 
Major Physics 

Alexandra Bojanich (
Major Physics  

Past M.E.G.A. Members

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Brayden Mon, BSc